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Polo Lessons are available now until the 31st of March 2022 with our instructor Lucy Brown on Queenstown Polo ponies.



English riding is seen throughout the world and provides the basics to any riding style, including dressage, show jumping and polo. You will be taught the safety around a horse and then taught the basics to sitting in the saddle, riding at a walk, trot and eventually the canter once the rider becomes stable in the saddle.

These lessons will give you the confidence to go out on horse treks and take your riding to the next level.

45 minute lesson - $60

Students must be 10 years +


Whether your main goal is to eventually play competitive polo or you simply have an interest in learning a new equine disciplinary, we offer polo riding lessons. Polo riding is different to English riding in that it is more relaxed and more ‘western’ in style.

Please note this does not include riding with a polo mallet.

45 minute lesson - $60


Students must be 10 years +



The first half of the lesson will consist of starting on the ground with a foot mallet and learning the basic hitting strokes. The player will then get to practice this on a ‘wooden’ horse.  Once these basics have been understood, you will be put on a polo pony and taken out into the arena to start practicing on horseback. Lessons will be tailored to suit the capability and experience of the rider by Lucy. 


Devoting her full attention to developing your riding and hitting techniques, you will feel instant achievement! We welcome students with riding experience from 10 years old and above.

An introductory polo lesson makes a great gift!


Introductory private polo lessons with Lucy run for

45 minutes - $100

Students must be 10 years +


Once you have mastered the basics and are confident with hitting the ball at a walk and trot with Lucy, you will be able to take to the polo field with owner and player Jonathan Gabler.

Working on technique and more complex shots at a faster pace for those who are ready, Jonathan will guide each student and perfect what they have already learnt.

45 minute lesson - $150


Students must be 10 years + and have basic polo skills

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Lessons: Private Events

Please email to make a booking

or call Lucy for any lesson enquiries on 022 652 3940

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